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Capturing the emotion surrounding you on your wedding day is my passion. The approach I take is that of a quiet observer, unobtrusively documenting and sharing in the events as they happen. I really believe in letting your day speak for itself to showcase the quiet and joyous moments alike. I'm there for the real connections, the real emotions and all the beautifully intricate details. A wedding is so much more than a forced kiss or a knife in a cake. It is about who we are, who is in our lives & who we love. Every moment counts. You are unique, so is your wedding day and that is the story I love to tell.

Based in the ACT, I lovingly call Canberra home. Originally from the Hunter Valley, I have traded my love of the beach for my love of the mountains, the icy chill of winter and the wonderful colours of a real Autumn. I have a wonderful husband that I absolutely adore, two fur baby cats, parents that inspire me and 3 awesome sisters who make me laugh and smile on a daily basis. I’m an INFJ, and a Gemini, and I definitely feel like I have two sides to my personality. One part of me is very practical, rational & science based, and the other is extremely creative, sensitive & independent.

When I am not taking photos you will probably find me on a mountain somewhere, skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer. Another one of my favourite pastimes is travel. There is nothing sweeter than jumping in the car, turning the stereo up loud and driving off to explore a new town. It's not just the destinations I love, it's the journey too. And that is the attitude I bring to my photography. Keep scrolling down to learn more about me, my work and some of my favourite things! Big thanks to Andria Lindquist for the photos below of me and my hubby Dan on our last trip to Seattle.







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My husband Dan // My cats // Skiing // Board game nights with our besties // Live music // German food // The West Wing // Silly dancing with my sisters // Collecting Vinyl // Homemade candles // Jose Parla // Black coffee // Twin peaks // Peppermint tea // The Life Aquatic // Gilmore Girls // Podcasts // Anejo // Paper Daisies // Jimmy Eat World // Road trips // The Decemberists // Sunset // Holy Holy // Casey Baugh // Mondays // The Thoughts of Nanushka // Mountains // Potluck dinners // Stargazing // David Lynch // Waterfall picnics