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Dearest Lauren. It was obvious from the start that I would become a big fan of your photography, style and inspirations. It didn't take me long to realise your amazing talent behind the lens and soon I was drowning myself in what 'Lauren Campbell' would like and do. :) From my first email to you, you were lovely without even knowing that I was already a huge fan of your photography. Kam & I had so much fun in the sugar pine forest on our engagement session with you and we love all the photos you took that cold and wonderful winters afternoon. It was a great privilege to have you once again, documenting a little adventure we are sharing in one of the most beautiful places we know. Thank you for being so beautifully you and for taking the time out of your schedule to catch up with us in the Snowy Mountains again. :) Lots of love. xxx

- Cindy & Kam

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Lauren was a dream come true. We knew from the moment we saw her portfolio that she would be our wedding photographer. Thanks to Lauren we have wonderful memories to look back on, memories we will be proud to share with our future children and grandchildren. Lauren was a breath of fresh air and so professional. She caught all the beautiful candid moments and was always in the right place at the right time. We highly recommend her. Thank you so much for photographing our wedding Lauren. Your calming presence, professionalism and lovely personality helped make our day what it was... Amazing.

- Cayce & Damien

Dear Lauren. Thank you, thank you and a MILLION times thank you! Thank you for sharing your talent with us. For being willing to adventure, for braving the ice and snow, for your kindness and for brightening our day with your infection smile! :) We feel truly blessed that lady luck brought us to you. We couldn't imagine a better person to capture our 1st year of marriage in photos! We so appreciate the time you took with us on the day of the shoot, the patience you gave and your AMAZING creative eye. Thank you for being such a genuine and beautiful individual. You made us feel like we were just out for a day of fun with a friend who happened to have a camera. :) You captured a series of beautiful moments that we will treasure for years to come. We are so thankful to have met you! xoxo

- Ash & Ben

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Lauren. Your work is truly magical! We felt completely relaxed and love being able to look back on photos which bring our wedding day to life by capturing every little detail from start to finish. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you so so much. I knew we would never regret choosing you to capture our special day and we are totally blown away! 

- Sophie & Corey

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Anthea & Lyndon Midnight Confetti-1.jpg

We love Lauren and her photography so much, that we told her she would be our wedding photographer 3 years before our wedding day! We booked her in for the date before we were even engaged, or had told our friends that we were getting married! Trust us when we say that she's the best, because we're wedding photographers ourselves and we're in the know about what makes a good photographer! Here is why we recommend her:

1. Effort. Lauren photographed for longer than we asked her to, and she went above and beyond to do her best job for us in every way. We had complete trust in her ability. She was always in the right place at the right time.

2. Emotion. She photographed more than just what happened on the day, she also captured how we and our loved ones felt. She captured our emotional connection to the events, which is the mark of a genuinely talented photographer. Most of our favourite photos from the day are the ones of moments of real and honest connection between people.

3. Personality. It's so important to feel comfortable with your photographer especially with such an intimate celebration like your wedding, and your photographer is around for most of the day. Lauren is completely non-obtrusive, and most of the time we didn't even notice that she was there! She's friendly, polite, relaxed, generous, trustworthy and considerate. All traits that are awesome to have in your photographer, and our guests loved her!

4. Flexibility. Lauren was open to all of our ideas and suggestions. She chose locations for our couples portraits, and so did we so it was a collaboration. She worked with what we wanted to do and she didn't dictate anything on or before the day. She was willing to take as many family portraits as we wanted, and we can't think of a single thing that she said no to!

5. Professionalism. We worked with around 15 different businesses to bring our wedding together, and out of all of them Lauren was the fastest to respond to our emails or answer our questions. She dedicated a lot of time to talking to us in person. The quality of her editing and finished product is right up there with the best photographers, and we could tell that she spent a lot of time making sure our photos were perfect.

We could list out 50 other reasons why we're so happy that Lauren was our wedding photographer, but you get the idea! We never even considered anyone else. If you admire her and her work, then get in quick because she's pretty popular!

- Anthea & Lyndon

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Lauren is a phenomenal photographer. I knew I wanted her to capture my wedding day from the moment I saw her photos. I even picked my wedding day on the day she was available! She took the time out to understand what we really wanted and what was important to us. More importantly, she made my husband and I feel incredibly comfortable around her. Lauren is incredible to work with and the photos she produces are more beautiful than I could've ever imagined. I would recommend her to anyone that wanted to capture the true essence of themselves and their love in photos.

- Kaushini & Sean

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We have felt as though we have been in very good hands with you from the beginning with warm, easy communications and your ability to capture true emotion in your shots. Seeing you work so fluidly, whether it was silently in the background or trying to capture Sabi’s attention was a beautiful thing.
The photo captures everything we wanted and we couldn’t be happier. The romance of the garden, the emotion of the day and a glimmer into our connection are beautifully portrayed. Amazing!

But it wasn’t just that. You brought such a warm presence to our day and we are so happy to have had you there. It is evident to us that you are not just a consummate professional, but a very special person who loves doing what you do. In fact, our experience might be best summed up by the fact that we both were left with a feeling that we wanted to get to know you better!!

We send our most gracious appreciation for your effort and skill!

- Lisa & Simon

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What can we even say. You gave us a gift we can never repay!

Thank you Lauren! x

- Anna & Ben

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Ashlea Ben Snow -1.jpg

To the magical photography wizard who makes hiking up a snowy mountain and shooting for hours seem like a breeze - Thank you for everything! You are such a beautiful, kind and talented soul. We are blessed to have met you!

- Ben & Ashlea

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Lauren. You are a wonderful photographer! I looked at your photos of our wedding when I got home last night and was totally blown away. You've done exactly what I hoped you would do, and with a result that is better than I imagined it could be. I don't know what to say, other than 'THANK YOU!' To anyone thinking about hiring Lauren to photograph your best-day-ever, I can only offer my highest recommendation. Lauren was entirely accommodating to all our ideas, and improved upon them with her own initiative and creative direction. I was (and still am) thoroughly impressed with how much effort she put into our day, going above and beyond in every aspect. And to top it off, Lauren was friendly, kind and easy-going. An absolute pleasure to share our day with. Thank you so much, Lauren! Jaye and I cannot recommend you highly enough, and we appreciate everything you did for us.

- Tom & Jaye

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What an amazing gift! These pictures are truly incredible and we absolutely LOVE every single one of them. Lauren, thank you so much for capturing the real us, always laughing. A lot of people often asks us what makes our relationship work, and we always say it's one thing: laughter, and you truly got that! I'm glad people will see that. Words cannot express our gratitude. We still talk about it to this day and we will continue to talk about it for many years to come. We love you, you're part of us now! (In a non creepy way!) 

- Lauren & Ana

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Darling! The photos are AMAZING! We can't thank YOU enough, it was such a privilege having you there not only as a photographer but as a guest:) You captured our day so beautifully, we are just so blown away by your talent! When we look back at these in the future we will always be so thankful for what you did. x

- Amanda & Brian

Amanda & Brian Red-1.jpg
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Firstly,  thanks so much for everything you did for us on our wedding day. We were extremely pleased with everything and you exceeded our expectations. You were so easy to work with, highly efficient, super friendly and very reliable.  Matt and I are so thankful you were our photographer. All our friends and family kept commenting on how great you were too - we will definitely be recommending you!

- Camille & Matt

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Lauren was an absolute ninja, and was such a pleasure to have around on the day. We cannot thank her enough for travelling to the other side of the world to be there with us. She was so relaxed, and Brett was really impressed that he didn’t have to pose or really ‘do’ anything around Lauren - she just shot what she saw and it was all very natural. She also scouted a gorgeous location a few days before the wedding, which wasn’t the easiest to get to or the most obvious place, and it turned out to be a real hidden gem where we captured some of our most favourite moments.

- Jess & Brett

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Jess & Niko-612.jpg

Dear Lauren. Thank you so much for being our photographer! Your talent is incredible and you are so easy and lovely to communicate with. Booking you was definitely our best wedding choice. Our photos are wonderful and we will treasure them! Thank you also for al the time and effort you put into our album. It is truly special and we look forward to enjoying it for decades to come!

- Jess & Niko

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We can't thank you enough for everything, it was everything we could have dreamed of and more. Were do we even start! Lauren you were so amazing and made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera, letting us take in the moments, the view and each other, and capturing beautiful moments while being great company throughout the day. We really appreciate the extra time you took with us up the mountain. We are so grateful to have had you capture the day, and we can't wait to wallpaper our house in all the amazing photos... How do we even choose a favourite!? They are all favourites!

- Milly & Dale

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Kelly & Emerson-133.jpg

We were over-the-moon that Lauren was available to photograph our ceremony. We had looked at all of the photographers’ websites, and Lauren felt like the best fit for us. She photographed us in the Blue Mountains as the sun was setting. She used the landscape and the lighting to create breathtaking photographs. She caught brilliant, precious moments of the two of us, our six-year-old son, and our close friends in attendance. We have her photographs to remind us of those moments forever & we feel so thankful for that. We had the perfect elopement to reflect on the past 18 years of our relationship, and to celebrate the rest of our lives as a married couple. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- Kelly & Emmerson

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The absolutely amazing Lauren Campbell - I cannot recommend her enough, not only are her photography skills out of this world but she is so lovely to be around. I did a lot of research into photographers and when I saw Laurens Instagram and website I knew she was the one for us. For two people who don’t like getting their photo taken she made it so enjoyable and fun. We are still not sure how one person managed to somehow be everywhere and capture every moment of the day.

- Amy & Jeff

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Mel Sean Wind-1.jpg

Thank you so much Lauren! We absolutely LOVE our photos and have had so much fun re-living the day! You did such an amazing job on the day! It was such a pleasure having you there and getting to know you over the last few months! So many of our mates commented on how great you were! Thanks again for helping us out on our special day! You've made our day and all our memories! You've been so amazing and I'll be getting all my engaged friends to look you up!! x

- Mel & Sean

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Lauren, these are amazing. Thank you so much! I really cannot thank you enough for these memories. You captured so many of our favourite people and moments. Steve and I were so impressed with your professionalism and friendliness. You made us feel so comfortable and calm, thank you for being a part of our day. These photos are so amazing. My god.

- Alexi & Steve

Alexi & Steve Sneaks-2.jpg
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Lauren! We are so IN LOVE! You’ve made us so incredibly happy! It was fantastic having you capture our day and the results are even better than we hoped for. We were very particular about choosing a photographer and it was the most important part of our day, so we wanted to thank you sincerely for going above and beyond our expectations and delivering the perfect images of our day. 

- Maddie & Zach

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Thank you SOOOO much, these are fantastic!! The family photos are so lovely, it’s so special to have such beautifully captured images, we will very much cherish these. I wanted to have you as our photographer because you seem to be able to capture not just the visually stunning, but the intimate, beautiful moments shared between loved ones too. Such a priceless gift! Thank you! You’ve also given us more photos than I expected. ‘Thank you’ just doesn’t seem to be enough to say how grateful we are, but thank you! :) :) We’re so grateful for the skill, hard work and care you put into your photography & we couldn’t be happier. :) I also wanted to let you know that everyone we talk to is blown away by the photos and we tell them we had the best photographer!

- Rach & Jon

Canberra Wedding Photographer - Old Parlaiment House - Lauren Campbell.jpg

Words cannot describe how happy we are with our photos! It was like reliving the day all over again but getting more insights into how our guests experienced everything. They're just so joyful and gorgeous. Your skills and success speak for itself, but I promise I will be gushing about your work to anyone who asks (and doesn't ask)! Thank you for being a part of our day, and thank you for capturing the faces and the love so we can remember it always. Warmest wishes and a million thanks!

- Kelly & Ned

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We had the great fortune to find Lauren to capture our wedding which was held in Sydney in June 2019. We knew as soon as we saw Lauren's pictures that we had found someone to capture the intimacy of the event which was what it was about for us. Her professionalism meant we did not have a worry in the world on the day and trusted her implicitly to capture for us what was most special. And she delivered above and beyond! We look at our pictures and feel so proud and are immediately transported not only back to the wedding but how we felt in those moments. Thank you Lauren. x

-Annie & Penny

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Karine & Dan - Teasers-35.jpg

Lauren made us feel so at ease in front of the camera and by the end of the night was a new friend to us and our guests. Lauren was a dream to work with. Lauren was so professional and fun to work with and knew how to capture the magic of our day. She caught all the beautiful candid moments and was always in the right place at the right time. We (And our guests, who would not stop raving about how much fun she was in being a photographer and wedding guest) highly recommend her.

- Dan & Karine

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Reminiscent of the fleeting and ephemeral moments in wildly romantic stories, those spilt seconds of magic that live on forever, we are in love with these images from Canberra based photographer Lauren Campbell. With an incredible eye for amazing creative compositions, framing and a strong focus on using the beautiful landscapes, locations and scenery of a wedding to paint the story of the day, there’s a real sense of magical enchantment to Lauren’s work. Manifesting a soft and ethereal mood, we are drawn to her documentation of unguarded moments against vast and dramatic landscapes. 

- The Lane

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Lauren Campbell has been the lady behind some of our favourite wedding images. A lover, a do-er and a true artist, Lauren Campbell would happily skip supper it if meant capturing a perfectly pretty picture. For her, exposing the honesty and emotion of two people madly in love is a life passion and the reason she is so damn good at what she does.

- Hello May

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Lauren Campbell has got that stunning photographic style we gravitate to like a moth to flame. For the 10 minutes it took us to scroll through the images of Camille and Mathew’s wedding, we could have sworn time stood still or, more accurately, that someone hit the mute button on everything happening around us. Not only is Lauren ridiculously talented, she also happens to be super lovely, which makes her rather spesh in our books. In her own sweet words, ‘Camille and Mathew are two of the sweetest people you could meet’.  We believe it – Camille’s smile has got to be one of the most heartwarming we’ve ever seen.  It happened to be raining on their wedding day too, but through Lauren’s lens, raindrops look like fairy dust and the gloom of grey skies like a mystical blanket. We love everything about this wedding, but most of all, we utterly love Lauren Campbell’s work.

- White Magazine

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With work that has been featured in forty odd magazines, it’s hard not to be impressed already, but wait until you see her photos. Now calling Canberra home, Lauren, an adventure-loving photographer whose ability to bring out the most stunning elements in a subject will leave you breathless. And that subject could be your wedding day! With a gift for composition, an intrinsic understanding of the interplay between colours and a sense of deep emotion in each picture, your wedding photos will be works of art. But beyond their aesthetic beauty, they are precious memories and they have meaning. 

- Seeking Myrtle