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Alex & Henry are two of the most lovely people I have met! Nothing could have wiped the smiles of their faces on their wedding day. Even during gail force winds and power outages, all they could focus on was each other. Luckily the gorgeous Berelouw Book Barn at Bendooley Estate was not effected by the power outages and we sheltered inside the most gorgeous little cottage while Alex & the girls got ready. All morning we joked about those amazing wedding day stories of  "rain clearing just before the ceremony."  Then ironically the winds that were causing havoc all day, settled right down about half an hour before the ceremony time. While still a light breeze came through every now and then, the outdoor ceremony held in the brand new pavilion in front of the lake was absolutely perfect! The Book Barn was an amazing back drop for their wedding. Everyone came together to enjoy the great food, great wine and AMAZING dancing. Everyone was on the dance floor celebrating, and I mean everyone! Alex & Henry - Thank you so much for choosing me to be a part of your celebrations. x