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When Anthea & Lyndon first told me that they wanted me to photograph their wedding, my response was pretty much a loud joyous scream of shock and happiness all rolled into one. There were two reason's that I was so ecstatic and surprised. 1. They weren't actually even engaged yet - and wouldn't be for a few more years yet. 2. They are both extremely talented wedding photographers themselves. It's always a thrill when someone really loves and appreciates the work you do, but there is definitely something very special when people from your own industry believe in the work you do, and trust you capture their most important day for them! I can't even begin to describe how honoured I am to have been chosen by these two talented photographers.

So roughly 3 years later, together with their close friends and family, they threw the most incredible WEDSTIVAL (part wedding - part festival) on a beautiful property on the south coast called Corrunna Farm. It was New Years Eve and the weather was warm with a light cooling mist of rain that showered over the coast that evening. There was no phone reception, no television, and everyone camped in amongst the trees and celebrated the new year with the joining of two families by dancing in the rain long into the early hours of the morning. It was like everyone there was in a little cocoon of joy - and the outside world didn't matter. Because everything in the world that did matter was right there with them. Anthea & Lyndon, you both are such dear friends to me, and I can't thank you enough for trusting me to capture this perfect day. x

As featured by White Magazine

Below are listed the amazing vendors that helped create this beautiful day:


WEDDING GOWN(S): Divine Atelier purchased from Babushka Ballerina

WEDDING RINGS: Made for each other in a workshop at KIN Gallery

TEEPEE: Kata Lane 

FLORIST: Folklore & Co 

STYLING: Lyndon's Mum Vickie

VIDEO FILMED BY: Fallow Rose Wedding Co and Zephyr Productions 

VIDEO EDITED BY:  Anthea and Lyndon Film and Photography 


HMUA: Tash Owers 



CAKE: Bodalla Bakery

SIGNAGE: Allira's Inklings  

DJ: Creative Sound Concepts 

CELEBRANT: Debra Summer 

As featured by White Magazine