Rhodes Wedding Co

During this journey that photography is taking me on, I constantly discover and meet beautiful like minded, creative people who become wonderful friends. I am so thankful for every moment of it. It's one of the best side effects of the crazy world of internet connections and I am always amazed at the reach and influence people can make online. I really wanted to do something to celebrate the lovely souls I meet and so I have decided to begin a regular segment on my blog.

Welcome to DISCOVER. A place for me to feature and share with you all the beautiful people that I connect with, meet and befriend along the way. It will be a focus on artful, creative, like minded souls that have a passion for their work, as their work is their passion. 

To kick things off I would love to introduce you to Perry & Jessy. Together they are Rhodes Wedding Co. When I first discovered this beautiful duo of creatives I absolutely fell in love with their story, their vision and their philosophy on life. The essence of Rhodes Wedding Co. stems from Founders Perry and Jessy's unexpected love. It wasn't until they fell for each other that they started living an abundant life, full of passion and adventure. They travel the globe together, letting the journey itself shape their characters, relationships and the world around them. Through their explorations and in all that they create, their mission is to inspire others to live their lives to the fullest, and to celebrate what matters most. Inspired by a true sense of contentment that comes from living a full life with the one you love – and wanting to play a part in the world's great love story – they created Rhodes Wedding Co. Perry and Jessy believe that everyone has a unique story to tell about how their love has taken them places, and their ring should reflect that journey in each handmade mark.

Rhodes Wedding Co. creates one of a kind, hand carved wedding bands for the man who wants his ring to be more than a mass-produced piece of metal. Each thoughtful piece is a testimony to our human yet romantic nature of crashing through life with the elegance of an avalanche, learning from each scratch and dent we pick up along the way. I love that they also create exclusive designs for men & women who want to wear their ring as a badge of honor – a proud symbol of the love they have found and will cherish for a lifetime. Each band is meticulously hand carved to represent all of your special memories, trials, traditions and bliss together. I'd wholeheartedly suggest any one who wishes their wedding ring to bear such intricate handmade impressions of individuality to view more of their beautiful work at their website.  A one of a kind love deserves a unique wedding band!