Maśa & Michael - The Minimalist Vegan

Some exciting news to share for lovers of delicious & healthy food! You may remember Maša & Michael from a shoot I posted earlier this year. Well, they have just launched their new website for their amazing business venture The Minimalist Vegan! And they are offering up an incredible FREE COOKBOOK that you can download!! 

In their own words, they describe the Minimalist Vegan as an amazing person who is committed to doing what is essential in their lives and nothing more. They respect humanity, the environment, and most importantly, they respect themselves. Their demeanour is calm, down-to-earth, and centred. The Minimalist Vegan, for the most part, is not scattered or unfocused. They’re not caught up in the “busy being busy” cycle. They’re not disconnected from where their food comes from. They’re not disrespectful to themselves, or the environment. The Minimalist Vegan is a lifestyle. A lifestyle that promotes eating well and living mindfully. A lifestyle that they strive to live each and every day, and are here to help you do the same.

I was so happy that I could photograph them for their launch! Make sure you check them out and give them lots of Facebook likes while you are there! Congrats on the launch guys!!! To celebrate I am sharing the lovely afternoon I spent shooting with them. x