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Half way through the reception at Jaye & Tom's wedding, when everyone was busy eating and I had a few minutes to stop and reflect on the day, I thought to myself... "I feel like I'm a guest at a close friend's wedding!" That's a pretty amazing way to feel considering I only met them both a few days earlier. Jaye & Tom are two of the most warm and caring people, who show so much love for their family and friends. All day, the same sentiment was repeated.... "They would do anything for anyone!" They were adored by everyone in the room! So much so that their guests had organised some surprise entertainment for them. Jaye is an Irish dance teacher, and her gorgeous students put on the most amazing performance (complete with costumes) for all the guests. Next up was a beautiful ballet performance which was followed by an a capella version of "Meet Me In the Middle of the Air" and a joint musical performance to finish off. It was unlike anything I had ever seen. 

Now you might be wondering why I titled this post "Best Day Ever (MkII).  

Well, in Jaye & Tom's own words: We ran into each other at Scotties on a beautiful September day now know as "best day ever". We decided to catch up for drinks that night and didn't leave each others side from that day on. =) 

I couldn't resist heading to Scotties to take some special snaps of them where it all began. x

Their Ceremony was held at the Shepherds Hill Lookout Station in Newcastle, followed by the reception at Fort Scratchley. And if you love the bridesmaid dresses as much as I do, you will be interested to know that the lovely Jae from Jaebird (also known as the maid of honour) made them all herself! 

Lauren Campbell

Canberra, Australia