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When I think back to my own wedding day, I still remember cringing when the celebrant had to read out the mandatory "definition of marriage in Australia" statement. I'm a huge supporter of marriage equality, and these words just didn't sit right with me. That was 7 years ago now, and it still baffles me that our country is still so far behind so much of the world. Love is love, and love deserves equality. That's as simple as it should be. 

With all the rhetoric surrounding the recent postal vote in Australia I find it heartbreaking that I even get to have an opinion on this issue. Unfortunately, this has evolved into an issue where staying silent is letting cruel and unfair legislation restrict & discriminate against the rights and dignity of our fellow human beings. The fact that anyone thinks they have a right to an opinion on legally recognising someone else's love, something that doesn't affect them in the slightest way, is proof that something is broken. Australia - although this postal vote isn't ideal - we can make a difference and we can make history. So please don't forget to come together in support of what is right and send in your YES votes! 


Lauren & Ana flew from Washington DC, all the way to the south island of New Zealand to elope. Their exchange of vows were the epitome of what love is all about, and some of the most meaningful wedding vows I have ever been lucky enough to whiteness. Yes being helicoptered up to this epic mountain top in Wanaka, was beyond beautiful, but I'll never forget what they said to each other and the way it brought tears to my eyes and touched my heart in the most significant way. Thank you beautiful ladies for letting me be a part of something so special. x

Also big thanks to The Elopement Collective for making this special day happen, and to Hello May for sharing their story. 

Below are listed the incredible vendors that helped create this gorgeous elopement:

Coordination: The Elopement Collective

Celebrant: Josh Withers

Transport: Wanaka Helicopters

Florist: Crimson Wedding Flowers

Gowns: Pronovias & Anthropologie

Hair: Hair To Wed

Makeup: Katie Medley

Wedding Rings: James Allen

As featured by Hello May, RYBlog, Quite Frankly